Digital Libraries Of Karachi University and Punjab University

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Digital Libraries Of Karachi University and Punjab UniversityBoth these Universities have online portals that provide a variety of information to the students ranging from latest news and happenings in the university to information related to admissions, departments, faculties, and recent results and schedule of examinations.

It is interesting to note that the online portal of university of the Punjab has a digital library which can be easily accessed by the students of the university. This online digital library available on the university’s portal has number of features. Student’s can easily find E-Books, research and informative services, E- journals, PHD Thesis & Dissertations.

Students can also find important and valuable help related to web searching techniques, and if they are writing a research paper they can easily find information related to citing references in the literature review and how to cite with end notes.

Likewise University of Karachi’s online portal too has a digital library that can only be accessed by the students and staff members of the university. Where students can have online journals and can even access the HEC’s. Here the students can easily have the international scholarly literature and find high quality reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-Books On a wide range of disciplines.

These digital libraries have helped the students with their research work and higher studies in a remarkable manner. The E-books and the journals that can be accessed on these university libraries are free of cost as the individual gets free high quality authentic and relevant information on any subject. It’s the Universities who pay to these online libraries for availing their information.

Like McGraw Hill and J store are the online libraries with a vast reservoir of scholarly journals on almost every subject. These online sources are paid by the universities and hence the students can easily access free information of higher quality. Both universities libraries have the e-books support programme that enables the students doing their research work to have important texts and reference books electronically.

This programme has revolutionized the research studies in these universities as the students have been saved of their precious money and time. Now they can easily access all sorts of scholarly information related to any topic and subject by simply using their universities online libraries.


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