Private Spanish Lessons – 3 Things To Avoid When Choosing A Private Tutor

Posted by ed on Jul 17, 2010 in Languages |

Private Spanish LessonsWhether you’re a retiree looking to brush up on the lingo of your new home, or a student trying to improve your level to pass your exams, getting some private Spanish lessons is a great idea. Books and CD programs, while good, just don’t compare to the effectiveness of private face-to-face lessons with a tutor.

However, when considering private Spanish lessons, there are a few things to bear in mind that will help you to avoid making costly mistakes that could not only waste you money but valuable time as well. In this article I’m going to show you of the main pitfalls that many folks suffer from when choosing their private tutor.

Avoid Tutors That Don’t Teach The Right Kind Of Spanish

“Eh? I thought Spanish was Spanish!”

Well, no. The great thing about the Spanish language is the variety of its dialects – from mainland Spain to South America, there are different accents, words and pronunciation.

Of course, for a learner this poses the problem of making sure you are learning the kind of Spanish you need to be learning. For instance, a businessperson looking to relocate to South America is going to require a different kind of Spanish than a student looking to pass their A-Levels in Castilian Spanish.

So checking out where your tutor is from first is really important if you want to make sure you are learning the right Spanish for your situation.

Avoid Tutors That Are Not Properly Qualified

While it is of course possible to learn Spanish from any native speaker, there is always the danger of a) learning in an unstructured way, and b) picking up bad habits.

In my opinion you are much better off opting for a Spanish tutor that is a proper linguist with appropriate training and qualifications.

This will mean that they can guide you through understanding the fundamentals on which the language is based and you will be able to take your learning much further and much faster.

Avoid Tutors Who Are Inflexible

We’ve all got busy lives, and making the commitment to learn a new language is never easy.

Therefore it’s important that you find a tutor who is willing to work around your schedule and provide lessons that are suitable for you and your timetable. If you’re a stay at home mother then during the day may be better for you…likewise if you’re a fast-paced businessman you might prefer a lesson after work hours. A flexible tutor will make this possible.



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